A rolling wheel gathers no moss...

... but a stationary Minor gathers moss all over the place, and doesn't gather a MOT. :-(

j4 and addedentry took me out for "Drive it Day" the other week, despite the rotten rainy weather; only a short drive, but it was good to be reminded what the roads feel like. But now I'm back on the driveway with plants crawling all over my windows, and I don't know when I'm next going to get out as my MOT has expired and j4 is supposed to be doing something about it... but goodness only knows when she'll find time to take me over to Ely to see That Nice Mr Allen. Maybe next week?

It's hardly surprising that J rarely takes me out any more, though, when it's such a squeeze for me to get through that narrow gate. Phew! I'm sure I haven't put that much weight on just sitting there, so maybe the fence has fallen in a bit (or maybe it's just that the weeds are encroaching on what little space there is), but there was barely an inch's clearance on either side of me. Scary stuff.

At least it's more sunny now, but in a way that makes it even more miserable just sitting there doing nothing. I'd run away and seek my fortune elsewhere, but j4's got my keys. :-(

Re: location

They say a change is as good as a rest ... well, I've had a bit of a change of location, but far too much rest. :-/

At some point over the winter my fuel pump froze up and just wouldn't go, which meant that when j4 came to try to take me to her new house, I just sat there like a lemon feeling more useless than ever. I got quite worried that sion_a would get so fed up of me sitting in his driveway that he'd sell me or something! Fortunately that nice brrm came round and gave me a good firm tap with a spanner -- I love it when they do that -- which was enough to wake me out of my stupor.

A quick drive across town, a squeeeze through one of the narrowest gateways I've ever been through, and I was safely installed in the back garden of "Zone 7", with j4 and addedentry (whom I've given lifts to before -- he's a very considerate passenger and knows how to flatter an old Moggy). But while the surroundings are fine, I feel like I'm just back to more of the same boredom and uselessness -- I might as well be up on bricks.

And my speedometer still doesn't work, and I'm fed up. MOT coming up in the next couple of months, which just reminds me that I'm getting older and older and it can't be long before I just stop working altogether. :-/

She's electric

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been unwell, with this chronic dynamo problem failing to go away. Nice Mr Allen finally admitted defeat, and referred me to a specialist... unfortunately the specialist he recommended had closed down nearly 2 years ago. Hrmph.

Thanks to cam.misc we've found somewhere else, though; j4 had a word with the people at Auto Electrical on Aylestone Road, and apparently the man there says he has a moggy just like me! So he should know what he's doing. Anyway, I'm going to see him first thing on Thursday morning. I can't keep my fingers crossed, and I don't want to cross any wires as I suspect that may be the crux of the problem... but here's hoping they will be able to sort out my unhappy insides.

In other news, we have a proper gate at home now so I should be able to get in and out easier. Maybe j4 will drive me more now... *wistful sigh*

Oh no!

It was all going so well. When the nice weather started again j4 gave me a wash and a wax & I felt all shiny again after being neglected for so long, and I was so happy when she came running home yesterday and wanted to take me out for a drive. And then today she wanted me to take her to karate as well, and that was lovely, it felt just like it used to be before that nasty blue car came along. But now my dynamo isn't working properly again, and my float chamber has started leaking again! And of course my speedo is still broken. So I suspect now j4 isn't going to want to take me anywhere again until I'm better, by which time the weather will be all rainy again, and I'll have to hide away for another long winter. :-(
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Mostly armless

I only have one windscreen wiper now. :-( j4 tried to fix my erratic wiper and couldn't, so she's taken it off altogether. All I have now is a sorry-looking stump, and a very sore patch where all the paint has rubbed off because the wiper's been scraping the side of my windscreen.

And I don't like staying outside in the cold every night in this weather, and I feel all sick and juddery inside. Not a happy moggie at all. :-(
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Better at last!

I feel like I've spent the entire summer sitting around gathering dust. Okay, it's been such a hot summer that I would probably have exploded if I'd gone out in it; but still, I was starting to feel really unwell and unloved.

However on Friday j4 and hoiho took me to see nice Mr Allen, who's made me a lot better; I'm not sure I'm properly well again but at least I'm not shaking all the time any more. Got back from Ely without any trouble on Friday; and took j4 into work today for the first time in ages.

Now I don't want to nag but I think j4 had better sort out my front windscreen soon as I doubt if she can see through it properly in the grubby state it's in! To be honest I was a bit ashamed to go out looking as dusty as I did; but a few people still smiled at me, which was nice. And j4 obviously hasn't forgotten how to drive -- it was really a very smooth ride.

I just hope the weather stays dry a bit longer; it would seem such a shame to miss all the glorious summer & only go out again once it gets miserable and rainy...

General whinge

I do not like this weather. And I even more don't like being left out on the road with bits of trees falling into my bonnet while j4 and sion_a have roofers and kitchen-fitters in and out of the house all the time. I want a wash and a wax and a bit of love and attention!

To be fair, j4 has been driving me quite a lot recently; I know she's making an effort, but I still do feel a bit abandoned sometimes. Driving in the rain yesterday was a bit stressful, too; one of my windscreen wipers started slipping off the windscreen and onto the bonnet -- very embarrassing! Mind you I probably didn't look quite as daft as hoiho did, leaning out of the quarterlight trying to fix the wiper in the rain. Bless.

Anyway, it was nice to have a bootful of shopping for a change -- made me feel all useful and helpful. Though not so nice having a bootful of water. j4 keeps saying she'll get the seals on the boot fixed, but she hasn't got round to it yet... Sigh. I hope she realises she's got less than a month to make me shiny and beautiful before the national rally!

Bit of an update

Haven't got round to updating this for a while... been too busy! j4 has been driving me a lot -- we've done the trip in and out of work a few times every week, and we've even done a bit of driving on big A-roads. The drive to Oakington wasn't too bad, though we had a bit of a scare when it looked like it was going to rain -- my left windscreen wiper is a bit unwell at the moment. Seems to be working again at the moment, but I'm a bit worried about it.

The drive over to Witchford to see Ian Allen was fun -- I was leading the way for another moggy, a rather cute young Morris 1000 called Hippo. (Poor thing, not their choice of name!) Managed to avoid getting lost -- would have been a bit embarrassing with the young 'un following me. Ian Allen remembered me, too! Called me "the little black car", and asked after my health, and was very friendly.

On the way back from Witchford j4 let brrm drive me, which was great -- he definitely knows how to handle a lady. ;-) We did at least 50mph along the A10 -- probably the fastest I've been for a long while...

Currently resting for a bit ... and sulking a little because j4 is taking that modern thing to her interview today instead of me. Says it's faster. Hmph.

Cold cold cold

Brrrr. I do not like this change of weather. Cold and foggy... why j4 wants to go out in it is beyond me. I'm afraid I was probably a bit grouchy this morning, but frankly I just wanted to stay at home.

Saw another black moggy last night going up Victoria Road, but she was too far ahead for us to tell much about her. Apparently sion_a saw five yesterday -- though that is counting me, which I think is cheating.