Patricia (pto452) wrote,

Bit of an update

Haven't got round to updating this for a while... been too busy! j4 has been driving me a lot -- we've done the trip in and out of work a few times every week, and we've even done a bit of driving on big A-roads. The drive to Oakington wasn't too bad, though we had a bit of a scare when it looked like it was going to rain -- my left windscreen wiper is a bit unwell at the moment. Seems to be working again at the moment, but I'm a bit worried about it.

The drive over to Witchford to see Ian Allen was fun -- I was leading the way for another moggy, a rather cute young Morris 1000 called Hippo. (Poor thing, not their choice of name!) Managed to avoid getting lost -- would have been a bit embarrassing with the young 'un following me. Ian Allen remembered me, too! Called me "the little black car", and asked after my health, and was very friendly.

On the way back from Witchford j4 let brrm drive me, which was great -- he definitely knows how to handle a lady. ;-) We did at least 50mph along the A10 -- probably the fastest I've been for a long while...

Currently resting for a bit ... and sulking a little because j4 is taking that modern thing to her interview today instead of me. Says it's faster. Hmph.
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