Patricia (pto452) wrote,

General whinge

I do not like this weather. And I even more don't like being left out on the road with bits of trees falling into my bonnet while j4 and sion_a have roofers and kitchen-fitters in and out of the house all the time. I want a wash and a wax and a bit of love and attention!

To be fair, j4 has been driving me quite a lot recently; I know she's making an effort, but I still do feel a bit abandoned sometimes. Driving in the rain yesterday was a bit stressful, too; one of my windscreen wipers started slipping off the windscreen and onto the bonnet -- very embarrassing! Mind you I probably didn't look quite as daft as hoiho did, leaning out of the quarterlight trying to fix the wiper in the rain. Bless.

Anyway, it was nice to have a bootful of shopping for a change -- made me feel all useful and helpful. Though not so nice having a bootful of water. j4 keeps saying she'll get the seals on the boot fixed, but she hasn't got round to it yet... Sigh. I hope she realises she's got less than a month to make me shiny and beautiful before the national rally!
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