Patricia (pto452) wrote,

Better at last!

I feel like I've spent the entire summer sitting around gathering dust. Okay, it's been such a hot summer that I would probably have exploded if I'd gone out in it; but still, I was starting to feel really unwell and unloved.

However on Friday j4 and hoiho took me to see nice Mr Allen, who's made me a lot better; I'm not sure I'm properly well again but at least I'm not shaking all the time any more. Got back from Ely without any trouble on Friday; and took j4 into work today for the first time in ages.

Now I don't want to nag but I think j4 had better sort out my front windscreen soon as I doubt if she can see through it properly in the grubby state it's in! To be honest I was a bit ashamed to go out looking as dusty as I did; but a few people still smiled at me, which was nice. And j4 obviously hasn't forgotten how to drive -- it was really a very smooth ride.

I just hope the weather stays dry a bit longer; it would seem such a shame to miss all the glorious summer & only go out again once it gets miserable and rainy...
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