May 3rd, 2006


A rolling wheel gathers no moss...

... but a stationary Minor gathers moss all over the place, and doesn't gather a MOT. :-(

j4 and addedentry took me out for "Drive it Day" the other week, despite the rotten rainy weather; only a short drive, but it was good to be reminded what the roads feel like. But now I'm back on the driveway with plants crawling all over my windows, and I don't know when I'm next going to get out as my MOT has expired and j4 is supposed to be doing something about it... but goodness only knows when she'll find time to take me over to Ely to see That Nice Mr Allen. Maybe next week?

It's hardly surprising that J rarely takes me out any more, though, when it's such a squeeze for me to get through that narrow gate. Phew! I'm sure I haven't put that much weight on just sitting there, so maybe the fence has fallen in a bit (or maybe it's just that the weeds are encroaching on what little space there is), but there was barely an inch's clearance on either side of me. Scary stuff.

At least it's more sunny now, but in a way that makes it even more miserable just sitting there doing nothing. I'd run away and seek my fortune elsewhere, but j4's got my keys. :-(