Patricia (pto452) wrote,

She's electric

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been unwell, with this chronic dynamo problem failing to go away. Nice Mr Allen finally admitted defeat, and referred me to a specialist... unfortunately the specialist he recommended had closed down nearly 2 years ago. Hrmph.

Thanks to cam.misc we've found somewhere else, though; j4 had a word with the people at Auto Electrical on Aylestone Road, and apparently the man there says he has a moggy just like me! So he should know what he's doing. Anyway, I'm going to see him first thing on Thursday morning. I can't keep my fingers crossed, and I don't want to cross any wires as I suspect that may be the crux of the problem... but here's hoping they will be able to sort out my unhappy insides.

In other news, we have a proper gate at home now so I should be able to get in and out easier. Maybe j4 will drive me more now... *wistful sigh*
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